Saturday, May 21, 2011

Need a Reason to Run?

This time last year the young bride and I were preparing for the first 14km Run for a Reason: we even raised $2000 for the Heart Foundation, which was another first. This year we have been struggling with one of those "Boomerang" virus infections that has lingered for the past two weeks, and consequently, we wont be running the event this year - but we will be back exercising once we recover from our current indispositions!
Physical activity is great: I love it, even though getting out of bed on cold mornings is always a severe test to my will-power! I like starting the day having done something difficult and uncomfortable, which programs the mind into a "can do" attitude for the day. Of course there are many medically documented positives from being a regular exerciser: it lowers the risks of heart disease, certain forms of cancer, blood pressure: it helps with the control of diabetes and depression and is essential for those with lung diseases too.
The Run for a Reason and the C2S are great Community activities and over the years I've been involved in promoting both of these fantastic events. Nowadays the young bride and I cycle more - you should read what happened to us on our Moravian Mountain Biking adventure - but still run (well, it's more of a trundle than a real run) two to three times per week when in the full bloom of health.
There is no doubt that most of us can find time to go out the front door and exercise at least three times per week: all it takes is that little word "yes" - I can do it.
Let me know how you go!
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MaidInAustralia said...

I've had vertigo for the past few months, so have found exercising difficult. But it's finally settling down enough that I think I can at least walk without tripping over or bumping into walls!

Dr Duncan Jefferson said...

Get well and enjoy getting back on track :)