Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Exercise helps control Panic Attacks

Ever have those thoughts such as 'I'll have a panic attack,' 'I'll die,' 'I'll go crazy,' 'I'll lose control' or 'I'll make a fool of myself, then you may have what is called a high anxiety sensitivity which means that you may have a greater risk for developing panic attacks and other psychological disorders.

The good news is that relief is at hand – or more likely at foot – because recent research has shown that those with a heightened anxiety sensitivity and who engage in high levels of physical activity will lower their anxiety levels in response to those panic inducing events. This backs up long known evidence for the use of physical activity as another tool in the armoury to help with mood disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Jasper Smits, lead author on the research at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and the University of Vermont in Burlington, added the proviso that "We're not suggesting exercise instead of pharmacotherapy or psychotherapy: exercise is a useful alternative, particularly for those without access to traditional treatments. Primary care physicians already prescribe exercise for general health, so exercise may have the advantage of helping reach more people in need of treatment for depression and anxiety."

So there you go: don’t be afraid, kick off your work clothes and put on the runners and then hit the road/park/beach/gym: in fact anything that will help you to do as Olivia Newton-John suggested in song: “Lets get physical”! Beats sitting in a waiting room!
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