Sunday, October 16, 2011

Preparing for summer

Today, here in Perth, the mercury shot up the scale and reached about 35C, which is unusual for October, but fairly standard for the summer months. In our house, we respond like prodded sea anemones - windows closed, curtains drawn and furtive glances out the window to see if the sea breezes "has come in yet"! As I look out of the window I can also see a vast plume of smoke on the horizon which reminds me of another terrible danger that can threaten in the searing Aussie heat, and that's bush fires!

On a global scale Governments are looking to harness the sun's power to help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and in doing so we acknowledge the incredible power of the sun and the energy that it produces via it's massive nuclear fusion reactions. So in some respects, we are already using nuclear energy - AKA renewable energy - via solar panels, wind farms and tidal power. But I'm not heading toward a Green/Nuclear dissertation, but rather towards the fact that the UV radiation from the sun impacts on our skin and our eyes, and it's that time of year when we should be thinking about protecting both of them from the harmful effects of the sun: and in particular we should be training the next generation of little people on how to reduce their exposre to strong sunlight.

  • Don't go out into the sunshine between the hours of and 4pm unless you're wearing sun protection.
  • Use an appropriate 30+ sunblock on exposed skin.
  • Where possible wear long sleeved shirts and long legged pants.
  • Wear a wide brimmed hat
  • Wear effective UV protective sunglasses
  • Sit in the shade where possible
  • Maintain your, and your infants hydration on hot days

The de-cision to protect your skin will reduce the risk of having an ex-cision to remove a cancer later in life!
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