Friday, March 30, 2012

Not everyone who goes to the Doc is sick!

Sometimes, people go to see the Doctor when they are quite well, for instance, when they need more tablets for their BP, or to check out some bloods that were done when they felt bad, but now they're over it thought they should do the right thing and just "check it out". Those times are good to get to know each other and maybe just "chew the fat" for a few minutes - just like in "real life". So today, seeing as you're all feeling so great, I'd just like to share a photograph I took this morning. It's at a special place known as the Palace Gardens of Versailles, France: and it's beautiful.

And seeing as how I am a Doctor, before you go I ought to give you some medical advice.

Make some space in your life for you, a time to nurture yourself: and start today.

Take a good look at the photo and then, using  your imagination, put yourself in the picture and dream what you'd like to do. Just to set the scene: it's a beautiful spring morning, there's still a freshness to the air but the sun in warm on your back. On the lake there are white swans and ducks feeding, and people walk, jog or cycle by. The trees are just showing their new leaves and spring flowers are littered underneath them.

Relax, and breath easily and slowly whilst you do this.

Have a happy day and see you next time.
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Anonymous said...

That scene looks photo shopped....the lines are too straight. Regardless, breathing deeply...ahhh.