Saturday, June 30, 2012

Commense sense v dieting.

Hands up everyone who remembers the Israeli army diet! Or maybe the cabbage soup diet? Diets come and go and still the average weight seems to be going in the wrong direction -upwards! News recently has cast a shadow over the Atkins diet that has been one of the few long term "survivors" in the competitive world that is Dieting, with a report suggesting a potential increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease in those who use such a low carbohydrate, high protein way of eating. In no way do I endorse the diet, but on reading the report, the only diet history was taken at the beginning of the study and the average follow up was 15 years: as one critic wrote - "Who eats the same food for 15 years?"

But the problem is not Dieting, it's that we tend to eat too much of the wrong sort of food, and we in the so called "first world" are drowning in a sea of food. It appears that no-one can go to the Mall to shop without stopping for a Jumbo Cappuchino and one of those massive muffins: or if you are of Anglo Saxon origins your choice may be chips with gravy washed down with a caramel milkshake! Governments, Nutritionalists, Foodies and Healthy Lifestyle lobbies are all united in promoting the ideal of eating good quality foods in the correct portion size - and that means lots of veggies, salads and fruit. Go easy on the red meat as most people only need to eat it once or twice a week unless your a female of childbearing age, and plump for more fish and chicken.

Here are some helpful tips:

Don't go for the Big Bang weight loss approach - they usually blow up in your face! In fact it'll be  your waistline that will blow up even faster over the longer term!

Fish is fabulous - get it fresh where you can, but tinned tuna, sardines and salmon are great "take-aways".

If it's fried, try and imagine all that fat searching out your coronary arteries and making it's home there!

If you need to reward yourself after a heavy session shopping, then have an Espresso coffee - it's the new health food and no calories!

When thinking of healthy pre-packed food, try oranges, apples or any fruit or nuts in the fresh food section.

If your belt is running out of holes, eat 2 mouthfulls LESS each meal. Over 6 months you will have saved on tens of thousands of calories and you might even need a new, SMALLER belt!

Don't drink sodas, water is cheaper, fresher and no chemical colouring or calories!

Of course if you have current health issues then you will need to discuss your eating plan with your treating Physician.

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Anonymous said...

The hubs and I were just talking this morning about how portion sizes have blown out of control.