Monday, July 30, 2012

Jetting off home.

Sorry about the silence, but we've been moving back to Western Australia which has meant packing up one house, traveling half way around the world and then moving back into our pristine "old" house. Then the roses needed pruning and the hedge needed a trim, and all that before our eldest son arrived with a friend for a conference here in Perth and could they stay for the weekend ..... And then there was JET LAG!

Flying from West to East always gets me: I feel good during the day and go for a jog, or prune those roses and by "beddie-byes" time my body tells me "You're ready for some serious ZZzzz's" so I lie down and go to sleep. 90 minutes later I'm wide awake and ready for action! But it's not just the sleep deprivation, it's the "bodily functions" that also have to catch up too and for we older folk, that is often more of a challenge to get back into a normal routine.

The good news is that we are having plenty of sunshine to stimulate Melatonin in the brain, and we can get out for some good physical activity and last night I slept from 1am to 6.54am and the world seems like a great place once again!

I'm told that if you turn left when you get on the aircraft and are able to stretch out on a bed and actually sleep then jet lag is not such a big issue - but then you have to refuse all the Champagne they apparently offer you if you can afford to buy Business Class tickets. (Disclosure - if an Airline would like to sponsor this blog and include free Business Class travel for the young bride and I as part of the deal, then I am prepared to negotiate a package).

At this stage there doesn't seem to be an effective way around Jet Lag, apart from sunshine, exercise and maintaining good hydration on the aircraft: if anyone knows of any new insights, please let me know so that I can spread the word.

Ampersands & angle brackets need to be encoded.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, no advice on jet lag, just a wish for you that you soon get back on track.