Monday, March 25, 2013

Young Moms - the key to a healthier future

There are a group of people whom I believe to be the most important people in this world, and they're our young Moms: but to use an Australian colloquial expression, I also think that they're getting the wrong end of the pineapple! They're doing it tough and we need to work out how best to help them during those challenging first 5 years as parents.

The challenge to effect positive change is that "one size" will not fit all: what may work for the affluent parts of San Franciso or Perth, will not work in rural areas of say Africa or India, but the basic principals are the same: education, health and effective mentoring.

I want to start a conversation that leads us to better ways to support our "jeunes Mamans"*, especially those who are single or living in distressed areas, and the internet gives us an opportunity to provide that support.

There are some great educators in cyberspace who can provide culturally appropriate resources for their communities so that literacy and numeracy for young Mums can be improved - and better skilled mothers offers hope for smarter, healthier kids. There is a wealth of information about health issues too - the paradox being that so many in the affluent "west" need information on how to lose weight and yet millions of less affluent "others" needs information on how to provide basic nutrition for themselves and their children: wouldn't it be good for the "Health" of us all if one group could be connected to the other - ? As for mentoring, there must be literally millions of baby boomers with some time on their hands who can provide mentoring for young women in their communities or even those in other communities. Many "grey nomads" already are committed to providing new homes and schools for less well off cultures, perhaps this could be extended to exchanging emails as well?

Another challenge is to have some level of ethics for such an enterprise and here I am impressed by the 12 steps of AA where it's "success" is based on the fact that members need to recognize a "Higher Power", and I believe that for a great number of people this has resonance. There is no doubt that one program will not appeal to everyone, but every woman who is helped to improve their own health and education will have a huge impact on their children and their future life which has great significance for the whole world over time.

I want to start a conversation whereby we can develop a Web Based resource that can be adapted to local needs of each community. What do you think? How can we make a difference? What can we establish that can easily be handed on to the next generation so that we protect the most valuable members in our Communities - our "Madres jovenes"* and their precious children.

*young Moms


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Anonymous said...

If you can educate just one intelligent receptive young mom she will undoubtable pass the information on to one or two of her peers. The problem will be in finding someone under 30 who is willing to admit someone older hsa information worth hearing lol.

Mariodacatsmom said...

Good idea. One could probably start within their own church to see who might need the help. The pastor of the church might even recommend you to the teen (if you can convince ther pastor you are serious about this commitment. it's an interesting concept and worthy of trying to set up.