Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Is there such a thing as Safe Sex?

Cunning little critters
"It's been going on since Adam was a Lad"  my dear old Mum used to say - sex that is! Talk to any (well nearly any)  hormonally charged young man or woman and they'd probably say it's the best thing on the planet. That was until mobile phones and virtual reality spoiled it all! For us of a more measured generation who are still used to answering/not answering land-lines, it's still way up there as one of the best experiences life has to offer.
The trouble with sex is, well, it really is THAT good and as a result advertising promotes the idea that the more you get the better it must be. Just think of all those boozey beer adds with beautiful young people eyeing each other off. They certainly don't look like they're heading to the library to study together. And I needn't mention those erotic adverts for what appears to be a jeweled ribbon appearing out of a model's buttocks and sold for a fortune as a 'thong' or 'G'string.
Selling bulk sex reminds me of why Vitamin supplements appear to be so popular. The promoters of such supplements appear to work on the idea that if a little is great to keep the human body healthy, then a Mega-Dose will be even better! Sadly, neither appears to be the case.
But back to sex. If it's so good then what could be wrong with it?
Call me old fashioned, but from my reading of the literature over the decades it seems to me that the safest/best sex is had in monogamous relationships and not by spreading it around with every consenting adult you can find. Why?

Because sex can be a real health risk!

  • Chlamydia - can make females sterile by irreversibly damaging their 'tubes'.
  • Syphilis - an ancient scourge that can even kill or send you mad!
  • Gonorrhea - another ancient scourge making a big comeback
  • Herpes - as one wit said "Not only love lasts forever - Herpes does too!"
  • Hepatitis B - can develop into a potentially life threatening disease.
  • Genital warts - now linked to the development of Cervical cancer and the target of a new vaccination program for young people
  • HIV - a sexually transmitted disease that has spread globally and still defies any cure

Then of course we must consider what coitus is also about - as well as all those nice fuzzy bits - the making of babies ... AKA conception.

If a male has vaginal sex with a woman there is always the potential for conception. Period (no pun intended)

This has been brought home to me in the last two weeks when I've seen one woman conceive who was on the pill and another who conceived who'd had her "tubes tied" 3 years previously! Believe me, those spermatozoa are devious little critters who will always find a way to a friendly egg.

So the next time you think about some recreational procreation/horizontal folk dancing or whatever the current epithet is, just beware that you may be leaving with more than just a happy memory - you may be changing your life (or someone else's) forever.
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