Saturday, September 3, 2016

What's white and makes your face itch? Answer: Dandruff.

I've been working out at a rural GP practice about 110km (about 70 miles) east of Perth here in W Australia. It's a great time of year to visit the country as the crops are coming up and the countryside looks FANTASTIC. Most people are saying that it's the best start to the farming season for 50 years. But not the farmers themselves - all they say is "have you seen the price of wheat? Gorn through the floor mate!" But then, have you ever met a farmer who's truly satisfied with farming .... until the money is in the bank!
Country folk are a great bunch of people, but they suffer the same problems as most other communities and they suffer the same kind of tragedies too.
One patient came in to see me and I immediately thought to myself that I've seen that face before!
In fact I'd never seen the person before in my life. What I had recognized were the obvious signs of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis. This presents as a classical flakey, itchy, red rash in the Naso-Labial folds of the face, in the eyebrows and often in the ears and on the chin too. (see my diagram below)
The cause? A fungal infection of the scalp that we often call DANDRUFF!
By using an appropriate shampoo, not only do you clear up the fungal infection but you cure the rash on your face too!
Talk to your GP about it: they'll know what to prescribe.

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