Monday, September 5, 2011

Accidents in the home

Most of us would live in the belief that home and hearth are the safest places in the world: WRONG.

Look at these facts from Kidsafe SA:

  • In 2005–2006, 22,865 children 0–4 years of age were
    admitted to hospital for injury across Australia.
  • More children die from injury in Australia (36%), than
    from cancer (19%) and diseases of the nervous system
    combined (11%) (ABS 2006
  • Children 0–4 years of age are most vulnerable to being
    injured in the home and backyard. More than half of
    unintentional deaths and injuries in this age group occur
    in the home and backyard, with 55% of these inside
    the home and 45% in the backyard (Shannon, Brashaw,
    Lewis & Feldman 1992).
 Having moved into the years when the "nest" has finally achieved that "splendid isolation", we had slipped into a false sense of security: until the "littlies" arrived 24hours ago! In that time one of them has walked through a plate glass window, thankfully without any harm - apart from that caused to his parents eardrums: and he and his sister then slipped on the bathroom floor with resounding "clouts' to their heads, resulting in more damage to their parents ears.

The good news is that they are healthy and well with no residual injuries: but it does highlight the fact that rearing toddlers is a full time job for the fit and the active; and that it only takes a split second of inattention and things can go terribly "pear-shaped".

Not only must parents constantly check their homes for potential danger zones and hazardous chemicals: grandparents too must work on reducing risks for their precious grandchildren, even if they only call for afternoon tea, so that they can enjoy the delights that these little people do bring into our lives.

Ampersands & angle brackets need to be encoded.

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