Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bath Salts don't wash

I see that there is a new so-called "Recreational" drug rearing it's ugly head in the world: one of the names it's given is "bath salts" and apparently it's like cocaine - in other words, apart from the artificial high it gives, it also burns holes in the septum of your nose, puts your blood pressure up and if you're really into alternative life-styles, it certainly delivers, because it can kill!

Why is it that we humans need stimulants to augment our lives? I know that there are probably many answers that would include "escape", "fun", "its my life", "not hurting other people" .. that are trotted out to cover the harsh reality of drug abuse and addiction and all that it brings with it. Alcohol is way out in front when it comes to harm caused by an addictive drug, and yet alcohol has been part of the human experience since men and women came to live in communities. Opiates and their derivatives have certainly been on the scene for a couple of millenia: but the potent "designer" drugs of the last couple of decades are scary in their potency, and have been created by those who only wish to profit from the dependency of others.

But the answer is not to condemn those who take addictive stimulants, but rather to offer an alternative that gives them a "natural rush", and is inclusive rather than exclusive. There is no one answer, and we shouldn't waste time looking for one: rather there are thousands of answers for thousands of situations. What is needed is love, care and nurturing at a young age, followed by good example and a willingness to forgive mistakes and encourage hope that life does hold a promising future for everyone, even though getting there can be a tough journey.

The precious commodity we sell is life, and the sales pitch is hope: get marketing!
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