Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kids inspire hope.

I was shown some lessons in living today. And it had nothing to do with a breakthrough in gene therapy or the latest research that shows that fruit fly have the same genetic coding as humans for sleep/wake control (which they apparently do).

I was just walking down a street and watched some kids play in a park which also had a small wooded section. Balls were kicked and games of hide and seek were acted out: some kids were brave and some were scared, but none of them worried about being "in control". They just played - or should I say - lived in the moment.

As adult we seem to lose this ability to live in the moment, and invest so much energy in trying to be "in control of our lives". This applies particularly to our health. Having personally experienced open heart surgery for coronary heart disease and knowing what it really is like to wake up in ICU, only to be told that they had to put me back to sleep because I was bleeding too much, I can empathize with all those who try to control their physical parameters in order to "reduce the risk" of suffering from health issues in later life.

But as I watched those kids play and then wander off to their homes, I thought of the "kid" inside me who also wants to live life like that and not be afraid of the next warning sign that something might be going wrong.

So this blog today is dedicated to all the kids in the world - those in short pants and those with greying hair. May you dare to live each day as it comes and not fear tomorrow, because life is precious and we cannot save it up for the future, we can only live it day by day.

Life is a gift, not a threat - rip off the packaging and enjoy the present!
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Mariodacatsmom said...

What a beautiful post, and you are so right. We need to enjoy each day for what it is and savor the moment.

Swellbelle said...

I couldn't agree more. We all need to feel the inner child. I run with immaturity, I laugh at myself and try to check worry at the door. VIVA LA SILLY!

Scott said...

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