Monday, January 16, 2012

Motor Cyclists, helmets and health records.

I love simple ideas that can have a big impact. But more of that in a moment, first I have to admit to a simple passion of mine that has two wheels and requires no effort of mine to propel it forward! If my mother of blessed memory were still alive she would be aghast at me for owing a motor scooter as she described them as "death traps". In fact, when I was caring for long term quadriplegic patients in a special care facility, one of the Consultants said that the only reason quadriplegic units existed was because of motor bikes!
But I love my Piaggio 250 for many reasons: it saves me a fortune on petrol/gas: the young bride always travels with me so I am constantly getting a cuddle: and it has made me a better driver because I am constantly on the alert for drivers/pedestrians/animal/any foreign object that is about to end my life, so when I am in a 4 wheeled vehicle I am now much more vigilant.

But back to the simple idea. In France they have trialled the use of special bar codes that motor bike/scooter riders have on their helmets. This bar code relates to their medical history so that should they have any accident then the attending emergency services just use their iPhone to scan the bar code and then they have all the relevant medical history they need to maximize the outcome should the driver be unconscious. Simple, easy to use and potentially life saving.

So to all 2 wheeled enthusiasts like myself who like this idea, then why not talk to your local ambulance/emergency services and see if you can create a similar service where you live.
In the meantime, make sure that your pillion keeps hugging you!
Ampersands & angle brackets need to be encoded.

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Anonymous said...

For that matter why don't they just chip us all at birth with updateable software? They do it to our pets.